Dear Audience,

it is the 17. occasion when we invite the distinguished hungarian representetives of contemporary art of dance into Veszprém.
We would like to meet again, because being together is invariably important for us. Nowadays we are surrounded with loads of problems, misunderstandings, diversification and harms. Put aside these problems for a couple of days and let us amused by the human and the beauty of the human body in theatres! Admire the tragedy of frail soul and its cathartic purification.
We may find a direction together with the dancers, with the help of this art being effective from soul to soul without words possibly to the orientation. Let us live with it!
The dancers are preparing to come to you and let them show their face.
They want to be liked. They want to be charmed, they want to make a conquest of you. The living art is sensual and magical. What it is not worth without a conquest.
We, the organizers of this festival work on saving the face of our festival in these changing circumstances. Let us be equal to the original thought, in which one our values truth headstrong affection was just as important always, than the renewal.
We are waiting you in the new, extraordinary and wonderful meeting point of Veszprém, Hangvilla. There are going to be programmes in the Main Hall, Studio and a special dancepub in Expresszó.
There will be three performance in our old place, Veszprémi Művelődési Központ.
You could meet young, fresh, new faces, but we will have illustrious regulars here, and the Reverend jury may not be missing.
Come, be together and listen to each other!
The hosts, in the name of the company of Pannon  Várszínház:


László Vándorfi and György Krámer